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Introducing Containerised Incinerators


Source: Addfield Environmental Systems Ltd.

Addfield Environmental Services continues to grow with more and more requests coming in each week for specialised and bespoke machines, recently being a containerised incinerator. We are pleased to announce that we have recently sent out a brand new, personalised shipping container to a customer in Finland.

The customer requested that the incinerator is stored inside a permanent container, and because at Addfield it is important to us to design the perfect machine for each customer’s needs, we manufactured the machine to fit their exact specifications.

This container will be ready to go when it arrives on site, with only the chimney to be installed.

But the journey for both the machine and the customer does not end there. We take each part of the journey as a step by step process, including the installation of the machine at the site, and the annual service we provide ensures that the machine will remain in top condition throughout the year.

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