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Introducing Intelex EverSync: Our new ground-breaking mobile and offline application


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Here at Intelex, being at the forefront of technological innovation is almost as important to us as our commitment to our clients. This is why we are so excited to introduce our new mobile application, Intelex EverSync!

The first mobile solution of its kind, Intelex EverSync provides mobile and offline access to the Intelex system. Whether you’re working on an offshore oil rig, cruising at an altitude of 33,000 feet, or inspecting an underground mine, Intelex EverSync guarantees access to your data and tasks. We don’t use the word ground-breaking lightly!

Here’s how it works:
Intelex EverSync provides users access to the Intelex system from anywhere, while offering the ability to input and interact with their data while on the move. It is designed to provide users with online, offline and on-the-go access to the Intelex system for continuous EHSQ management.

The Intelex EverSync platform saves data entered offline and syncs all updates once an internet connection is established. Data management, personalization and all unique configurations made on the Intelex home system are then pushed to Intelex’s EverSync platform across all devices.

Organizations previously faced with only static mobile applications finally have a solution! Intelex EverSync is a dynamic, flexible and scalable approach to mobile and offline scenarios, transforming organizations’ abilities to grow their environmental, health, safety and quality initiatives.

For product details on Intelex EverSync visit here or check out the press releases here and here.

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