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IONICON Analytik celebrates its 10th anniversary


Source: Ionicon Analytik Ges.m.b.H.

This year IONICON Analytik celebrates its 10th anniversary! Coinciding with this milestone, IONICON is launching a new high-resolution, high-sensitivity PTR-TOF-MS for applications in on-line analytical applications, e.g. atmospheric chemistry and environmental research.

The PTR-TOF-MS enables users to obtain a broad mass spectrum (> 10.000 amu) in a fraction of a second, with a mass resolution of up to 5000 and a single-digit pptv-range detection limit for most VOCs.

The PTR-TOF-MS considerably compliments our well-known PTR-Quadrupole-MS product line employed by scientists around the world since 1998. Our product portfolio includes the High-Sensitivity PTR-MS, with an on-line detection limit of 5 pptv, and also a portable and robust version (Compact PTR-MS), with a competitive price for mobile deployment.

IONICON is the world’s leading producer of on-line VOC detectors with market-leading, on-line, single-digit, pptv-level sensitivities using the unique proton transfer reaction – mass spectrometry technology. For more than a decade, IONICON has been serving leading scientists in universities and multinational corporations with VOC detection and quantification instruments in many different areas including environmental research, pollution monitoring and atmospheric chemistry.

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