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CatalySystems Ltd.

IP assets of innovative water treatment technology developer Catalysystems brought to market by Metis Partners


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The international patent and trade mark portfolios as well as the technology behind innovative waste water treatment company, Catalysystems, is being brought to the global market by Metis Partners, the award winning commercial intellectual property consulting firm.

The liquidators of the company have appointed Metis Partners to offer its intellectual property assets, including its design of the proprietary Gyrecat process, for sale.

The offering is likely to be of interest to businesses involved in agriculture, onshore oil and gas operations, grey water recycling or water decontamination and reuse.

Founded in 2009, Catalysystems Limited (in Liquidation) was set up to develop and patent advanced oxidation processes for large scale water treatment applications. In addition to the Gyrecat process, the company developed the Gyrecat Nexus, a smaller scale modular unit deployable in rural or hard-to-reach areas to treat water for irrigation and livestock.

A centrepiece of the attractive collection of intellectual property assets is the international patent portfolio which describes the process required to build a feasible water treatment reactor.

The technology is proven, with a number of on-site demonstrations as well as in-house physical assets including a lab-scale reactor and pilot plant reactors. These proof-of-concept pilots have been scaled up to industrial readiness and are set for commercial exploitation.

The Gyrecat process is a form of advanced oxidation process (AOP) reactor which has proven effectiveness in destroying waterborne organic contaminants and in sustainable water management. The process is based upon UV light and titanium dioxide which provides extremely reactive oxidising to breakdown organic molecules.

Unlike other AOP systems, Gyrecat utilises a non-slurry based titanium dioxide reactant, which is resistant to poisoning from contaminants. This provides significantly less sludge and greatly increases the operational life of the system in addition to delivering lower power requirement, less environmental impact and notably reduced operational and maintenance costs.

Morven Fraser, of Metis Partners, who is co-ordinating the sale said: “This market offering is certain to attract a high degree of interest from those in the agricultural or water treatment industries. 

“The Gyrecat process is the end result of significant investment with £300,000 spent designing and building a fully automated container plant which showcases the technology’s ability to operate on an industrial scale.

“In addition to the proven technology ready for commercialisation, the company has an extensive and secure portfolio of patents and trade marks that will be of great interest to buyers.”

The offering to market reinforces Metis Partners' expertise and reputation in the technology and agribusiness sector which includes the successful marketing of Reaqua, Aquamarine Power and Floating City.

The IP assets for sale include trade secrets, proprietary software – including control software underpinning the Gyrecat process, valuable test data, registered and unregistered trade marks, and an extensive international patent portfolio.

All offers should be submitted directly to Metis Partners by noon on Friday 28 April 2017

For further information, contact Morven Fraser, Metis Partners at; or call 0141 353 3011.

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