IPEX introduces New Corzan HP CPVC Piping System for offshore applications


Source: IPEX

Marine and Offshore applications are considered one of the harshest environments for crew and equipment. Equipment is often subject to extreme temperatures, UV, corrosion, and impact. This requires installed equipment to be tough, durable and corrosion resistant while being as lightweight as possible. It is for this reason that engineers have been trying to source new products and technologies that can handle the rough offshore environments while reducing overall system weight. This philosophy applies to all systems on an offshore vessel including complex electronic systems, onboard treatment systems, and even the piping systems to which they are connected. In most cases, metallic piping is too heavy and has proven to be no match for the harsh, corrosive demands put on the system. This leads to added installation, maintenance, and operating costs. Compounding these challenges is the fact that these vessels are often far away from many of the material and labour resources needed to repair or re-pipe systems.

A variety of alternative piping options are available that meet the requirements of both the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) and the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG). Piping systems constructed from CPVC, PVC, ABS, FRP fiberglass and lined metal have been used successfully as alternatives in many offshore applications.

Recent material developments have produced the new IPEX Corzan high pressure (HP) CPVC Piping System that is better equipped to handle high temperatures and pressures compared to many other thermoplastic piping systems because of its superior cell class rating, high hydrostatic design basis (HDB) at elevated temperatures, and pressure rated fittings.

IPEX Corzan HP is certified to the highest commercially available CPVC cell classification of 24448. This means that our HP CPVC demonstrates a drop impact strength up to three times that of generic 23447 CPVC compounds.

Temperature is a major factor when designing an offshore piping system. One must take into account that many offshore installations are located in areas where ambient temperatures are above 110°F. Pipe is often installed in engine rooms or in areas where hot exhaust gases are expelled. IPEX Corzan HP exhibits an elevated HDB at 180°F and is pressure rated up to 200 psi. This equates to IPEX Corzan HP being able to operate at a higher pressure throughout all elevated temperatures with a maximum 25% pressure increase at 180°F when compared to generic CPVC. In addition, IPEX Corzan HP exhibits a heat distortion temperature (HDT) of 239°F, the highest of any ASTM D1784 compliant CPVC compound. Both schedule 80 pipe and fittings have been certified to NSF SE 8459, which makes IPEX Corzan HP the only CPVC system with pressure rated pipe AND fittings.

Additional design considerations for offshore applications include abrasion resistance and weight. The contents of seawater are often highly abrasive and can cause attrition of the pipe and shorten the life of the system. IPEX Corzan HP is both abrasion resistant and one sixth to one eighth the weight of comparably sized metal pipe.

Offshore piping systems must meet the strict flame and smoke requirements of the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) and the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG). The Corzan HP compound is approved for Marine use from both the ABS and the USCG.

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