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ISOTEC and G.E.O. Inc. partner to provide comprehensive remediation services


Corona, California -- G.E.O. Inc. (GEO) has signed a license agreement with ISOTEC Remediation Technologies, LLC (ISOTECRT), to enhance marketing and implementation of GTR thermal remedial projects in North America.  Since signing the agreement, ISOTECRT personnel have attended and completed a comprehensive certification and training program at GEO's facility in Belfast, ME.  With this agreement, ISOTECRT have significantly added to their portfolio of remediation services and TPS TECH has increased its marketing and delivery capabilities.

“Adding ISOTECRT as a trusted GTR licensee shows our commitment to provide the highest quality products and services by strengthening our North American network and enhancing our design and delivery team.” said Carol Winell, President of GEO.

'Adding GTR technology to our services portfolio is an important strategic step for ISOTECRT. Providing the optimal remedial approach for our clients has always been our company goal; and having access to leading innovations is a crucial element in our business strategy', adds Tom Andrews, co-founder of ISOTECRT. 'As a certified licensee we belong to the worldwide GTR Partner Network, where experiences and developments are continuously shared, discussed and improved upon, which creates added value for our clients.'

GEO's core competence is in the field of development and implementation of thermal technologies for treating contaminated soil and other waste streams.  GTR technology has successfully been used at over fifty in-situ and two hundred on-site remediation projects across four continents, and has treated over eight million tons of soil at both fixed treatment facilities and by using in-situ thermal remediation technologies.  The innovative and patented GTR technology is now being used at thermal remediation projects worldwide, and when combined with the C3 technology for condensing off gases, it creates a unique solution for recycling chemicals.

ISOTECRT was formed by In-Situ Oxidative Technologies, Inc. (ISOTEC), a North American leader in chemical oxidation remediation services to enhance their full line of remedial products and services including in-situ and ex-situ chemical oxidation/reduction, along with soil mixing and in-situ soil stabilization (ISS) technologies for government, utility, oil and gas, industrial, and insurance sectors. Their services have been used on more than 1,000 field projects in three continents by many of the world's leading corporations and government agencies, as well as numerous city and state entities in the U.S.

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