IWRM Karlsruhe programme finalised


The convention programme for IWRM Karlsruhe, to be held on 24th and 25th November 2010 at the Karlsruhe Convention Centre (Germany) has been finalised. Sixty lectures over fifteen sessions will address the most up-to-the-minute topics and issues in the field as well as seeking new approaches and solutions. The Fraunhofer IOSB and KMK have managed to recruit high quality researchers and experts from a total of eighteen different countries, including Australia, Brazil, Chile, China, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, India, Israel, Jordan, Latvia, the Netherlands, Palestine, Switzerland, Turkey, the United Kingdom and Vietnam to come to Karlsruhe for this event.

What needs to be done to treat the wastewater from the metropolis of Beijing so that it is suitable for agricultural use? How can the water from the Jordan in Israel and Palestine be used without jeopardising the sensitive natural balance? How can heavy rainfall events in Saxony stimulate preventive flood protection? These are just a few of the highly topical subjects that will be addressed at IWRM Karlsruhe.

Some 159 abstracts were submitted in response to the call for papers for IWRM Karlsruhe. Britta Wirtz, spokesperson of the Management Board of the Karlsruhe Messe- und Kongress-GmbH, explains that 'the response to the call for papers was overwhelming! Experts from around the world contacted us, eager to attend the convention as a speaker. Even before the programme had been finalised, entire delegations and associations had registered for the convention and the first bookings for the accompanying exhibition have also been made by SMEs and major corporations already. This all goes to show that we, IWRM Karlsruhe, are addressing an important topic for the future of global relevance.'

The large number of abstracts submitted for IWRM Karlsruhe meant that the IWRM Karlsruhe advisory committee had a hard time selecting which to include. The chairman of the committee, Prof. Dr. Hartwig Steusloff from the Fraunhofer Institute of Optronics, System Technologies and Image Exploitation, IOSB, adds: 'Due to the high quality of most of the abstracts we received, and the topicality of the subjects addressed, it was hard for us to decide which lectures to choose for the sessions. We therefore attempted to cover all five of the main topics, which we had decided on for the scope of IWRM Karlsruhe in advance, such as management of the catchment and storage of rainwater, wastewater management in and for agriculture, management of substance flows for water and substances in water, management of water resources and wastewater management under extreme conditions, evenly. Four keynote speakers from international organisations, business and the scientific community will speak on current issues relating to the global water situation.'

Because there were a large number of abstracts submitted which were of considerable scientific significance and some hot topics for debate, such as 'agricultural irrigation requirements in times of climate change', IWRM Karlsruhe will also feature poster presentations in addition to the lectures. The poster sessions will take place on both days independently and in parallel to the lectures. Companies exhibiting at the convention will also have the opportunity to give presentations and lectures at the business forum at IWRM Karlsruhe. During the evening session on 24th of November 2010, the European Well and Fountain Society will award its 2010 Annual Award.

The international conventionis to be accompanied by an exhibition on the topic of Integrated Water Resources Management.

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