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Jenfitch, LLC Announces JC 9450 ROS kills Listeria in less than 10 seconds


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Walnut Creek, CA -- Jenfitch, LLC recently completed a study with the UC Davis Post Harvest Dept using JC 9450 ROS as a reagent in rinse water containing a heavy organic loading.  They found that controlling the ORP above +700 mV, they observed a 6 log reduction in Listeria Monocytogene and Salmonella. JC 9450 ROS is a new generation of disinfectant developed for the 21st Century.  It chemically reacts in water to generate a variety of reactive oxygen species (ozone ions, singlet oxygen ions, hydroxyl ions and superanion ions) in solution. For the first time, the food safety industry  has a low cost method to generate soluble reactive oxygen ions.  Gail E.F. Jennings, CEO of Jenfitch said, “Wouldn’t you want ozone in your packaging plant if all that you needed was a metering pump, and a drum?  Especially, if JC 9450 has been shown to be 12 to 24 times more effective than chlorine as a disinfectant for controlling biofilms, bacteria, viruses, and spores. Wouldn’t you want to have a cost effective disinfectant that is more effective than gaseous ozone, but safer? JC 9450 is a low cost disinfectant/oxidant that gives you longer measurable retention times than gaseous ozone. And the cost of installing our system is less than 1% of a equivalent conventional ozone system.” 

JC 9450 ROS is FDA 'GRAS' approved for Direct Food Contact (12 CFR 184) and Indirect Food Contact (21 CFR 179.3).  JC 9450 ROS is NSF (Standard 60 ANSI) approved for use up to 84 mg/l in potable water treatment systems as a disinfectant, bactericide, algicide, and oxidant.  To monitor the feed rate of JC 9450, all you need is an ORP meter or an ORP controller. 

Would you like to minimize contamination and improve efficacy in your disinfection system?   JC 9450 has been tested and found to be an excellent technology for controlling biofilm formation and eliminating contaminant breakthrough in hydro-coolers and wash water systems.  In a study conducted in California, Western Precooling (Oxnard, CA) as a part of their goal to implement the federal Food Safety Modernization Act of 2015, field tested JC 9450 ROS in their post-harvest HydroVac™ systems.  After operating for the past 18 months, the Food Safety Manager observed that the HydroVac™ systems were cleaner than before using JC 9450 ROS.  In a spot audit by UC Davis Post-Harvest Professor Dr. Trevor Suslow, he observed 'non detects' for Listeria Monocytogene around the post-harvest equipment rinsed with JC 9450.  At other plants with a similar system not using JC 9450,  he had 'positive plate counts”.

JC 9450 ROS removes the biofilm that many food researchers believe is the source of contamination and spoilage. It is has been demonstrated that there are two forms of the same pathogens present in your water system: 1) planktonic form (free floaters) and 2) sessile form found in a biofilm.  Most systems using chlorine or some type of oxidizing agent will easily destroy the planktonic forms of the pathogens.  But the presence of a biofilm limits the effectiveness of many disinfectants against sessile forms of that same species.  The biofilm acts as a shield to inhibit the disinfectant from penetrating and destroying all of the pathogens. JC 9450 cuts through the biofilm and inhibits the pathogen's ability to perspire and reproduce.

For more information on JC 9450 or a copy of the study, please contact us.

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