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Johnson Matthey helps TfL with London`s dust suppressant trial


Johnson Matthey, world leader in the production of catalytic systems for emission control in light and heavy duty vehicles, is supplying its CRT® filter technology and PIO-CAN filter monitor to the tractor currently being used in a dust suppressant trial.  Trials are occurring in specific areas of London that have been identified as at risk of exceeding the limit, set by the EU, for fine particles that can exist in the air.

Transport for London’s (TfL’s) tractor, fitted with Johnson Matthey’s CRT® system and bespoke spraying equipment on loan from Austria, spreads Calcium Magnesium Acetate (CMA), which binds fine dust to the road in an effort to significantly reduce particulate concentrations. Dust suppressants have already been applied in Europe, achieving particulate matter reductions of between 10 and 20%. TfL is trialling the measures to discover its effectiveness in London. Trials have already begun on major arteries and now, in addition to this, The London Borough of Camden is working in partnership with TfL to spread dust suppressant in King’s Cross to determine if this measure can lower particulate matter levels.

The latest non-road mobile machines, such as tractors, are only required by law to have similar particulate matter emissions to a Euro I truck, sold in the 1990s. By using Johnson Matthey’s CRT® filter technology, the tractor being used in this trial will have lower particulate emissions than required by the London Low Emission Zone.

Johnson Matthey has supplied thousands of filter systems to tractors, construction equipment and other non-road mobile machinery throughout Europe and has been approved to supply systems in London under the Best Practice Guidance for the control of dust and emissions from construction and demolition. Rigorous in its own environmental policies, many of Johnson Matthey’s products have a major beneficial impact on the environment, and consequently people’s quality of life.

Richard O’Sullivan, Johnson Matthey’s Commercial Director said: “Fitting filter systems to machines like this to greatly reduce exhaust particulate levels is important not only to improve air quality and public health, but also to reduce the amount of black carbon entering the atmosphere. Black carbon is said to have a considerable impact on climate change, second only to carbon dioxide.”

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