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Joint Statement on the Possible EN 643 Revision


EN 643 is the European List of Standard Grades of Paper and Board for Recycling and was revised in 2014. FEAD, CEPI and EuRIC have published a joint statement on the possible new revision of EN 643 and a possible approach.

At the moment, paper that has been in contact with food is in the prohibited materials section which means that foodstuffs are prohibited in recyclable paper. However, today's technology allows us to handle paper with traces of food and a 'little tolerance' of foodstuffs should be allowed.

Therefore, instead of a formal EN 643 revision, we call on CEN to develop an approach to interpret the “zero tolerance” of “organic waste including foodstuffs” in the prohibited materials section by considering a low tolerance level for certain grades. For those, it is important to note that “zero tolerance”, or absolute zero for foodstuffs, does not exist, as a consequence the recycling industry needs a detection threshold for foodstuffs.

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