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Jordan signs deal for inter-utility water transfers


Source: Global Water Intelligence (GWI)

Jordan’s three water utilities have agreed to allow transfers of potable water between them as they look to take a more flexible approach to water supply in the face of the shortages hitting the country.

Yarmouk Water Company, Aqaba Water Company and Miyahuna signed a memorandum of understanding on Saturday that will allow them to transfer water between their networks. The agreement will also see the utilities extend cooperation on training and asset management.

The agreement was made under the auspices of the new Minister of Water and Irrigation Ali Al-Ghazzawi. An interview with Al-Ghazzawi will feature in the next issue of Global Water Intelligence magazine.

Meanwhile, the country is continuing its efforts to expand the national water supply through increased production from the Disi Aquifer in the south of the country, supplemented by more seawater desalination at Aqaba.

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