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Maine releases list of “chemicals of high concern

by Bergeson & Campbell, P.C.  (Jul. 30, 2009)

Maine’s Department of Environmental Protection (MDEP), working with theMaine Center for Disease Control and Prevention (MCDC), recently published a list of“Chemicals of High Concern,” which includes approximately 1,700 chemical entries. Maine’slaw on Toxic Chemicals in Children’s Products mandated creation of the list. According to theMDEP ...

Chemical Contamination Concerns in the Wake of Hurricane Irene

by EMSL Analytical, Inc.  (Sep. 1, 2011)

Hurricane Irene left a path of death and destruction across 11 states from North Carolina to Maine.   At least 38 people lost their lives and thousands of homes and businesses have been damaged.  A large number of these damaged properties are the result of floods, heavy rains and tidal surges. The storm hit some of the most densely ...

Concern grows about chemical found in consumer products

by Environmental News Network  (Jun. 3, 2008)

Bisphenol-A (BPA), a chemical used to make polycarbonate and epoxy plastics, has come under fire recently for its status as an endocrine disruptor. The chemical is commonly used as an ingredient in consumer products, particularly reusable water bottles, baby bottles, plastic dishware, tooth fillings, and canned-food liners. It also appears in ...

Proposed rules on chemicals of concern, chemical identity pulled from OMB Review

by Bloomberg BNA  (Sep. 9, 2013)

The Environmental Protection Agency has withdrawn a proposed rule that would have established a chemicals of concern list and another proposed rule that would have required manufacturers to disclose the identity of chemicals they would like to make or sell in the United States. EPA withdrew the proposed rules from the Office of Management and ...

Fracking water quality concerns

by WaterLink International - Geomares Publishing bv  (Aug. 9, 2010)

The extraction of natural gas from deep shale formation requires the use of hydraulic fracturing or ‘fracking', which involves injecting water and chemicals to rupture deep shale. A predicted boom in Michigan has raised public concerns about water supply, use and contamination. A new natural gas exploration and production boom could be ...

Dangerous Chemicals from Vinyl Flooring & Wallpaper Raise Concerns

by EMSL Analytical, Inc.  (Oct. 21, 2010)

EMSL Analytical provides phthalates and formaldehyde testing services to determine if the chemical is present in products and indoor environments to protect the public from exposure and health risks. Cinnaminson, NJ, October 20th, 2010 This week MSNBC reported the results of an environmental group’s testing of more than 2,000 wallpapers ...

Tetrachloroethylene (PERC) & Chemical Exposure Concerns Discussed in New Video

by Cochrane & Associates, LLC  (Mar. 29, 2015)

The IAQ Video Network and Cochrane & Associates announced the release of their latest educational video.  Their newest production discusses tetrachloroethylene, more commonly known as PERC, and potential exposure concerns. PERC is a manufactured chemical that has been used for dry cleaning purposes, as a chemical intermediate, metal ...

Spray Polyurethane Foam & Chemical Exposure Concerns in Texas Homes & Buildings

by Cochrane & Associates, LLC  (Apr. 13, 2015)

Residential and commercial builders across Texas and the Gulf Coast have increasingly turned to spray polyurethane foam (SPF) to insulate new construction and for remodeling projects.  SPF has become a popular alternative to other forms of insulation due to its superb insulating properties, ability to protect against moisture, to fill cracks ...

Nail Salons and Chemical Exposure Concerns Discussed in New Video

by Cochrane & Associates, LLC  (Jul. 26, 2015)

Today, the IAQ Video Network and Cochrane & Associates announced the release of their latest educational video.  Their newest production discusses chemical exposure concerns for the hundreds of thousands of people that work in nail salons.   “Nail salon workers are in many cases exposed to a wide variety of potentially ...

Cleaning Chemicals and Occupational Concerns for Workers and Building Occupants in Puerto Rico

by Zimmetry Environmental  (Mar. 14, 2016)

Virtually every business, school, institution and government agency in Puerto Rico utilizes some form of cleaning chemicals in their facilities on a weekly, if not daily, basis. Cleaning chemicals are vital to help ensure the cleanliness of the buildings where people work, visit or go to school in.  Chemicals in some cleaning products can be ...

NGO list aims to rid market of chemicals of high concern

by The International Chemical Secretariat (ChemSec)  (Sep. 18, 2008)

Public interest organisations today released a list of “high concern” chemicals currently available on the market. The aim is to speed up implementation of REACH, the new EU chemicals law by encouraging companies to make sound substitution decisions. In the first undertaking of its kind, an international coalition of non-governmental ...

Floodway Chemical, Pesticide Contamination below levels of health concern

by US EPA - Environmental Protection Agency  (Jun. 28, 2011)

Detailed analysis of the May 24 limited sampling of floodwaters in the Birds Point-New Madrid Floodway in southeast Missouri found contamination at levels typically found in the Mississippi River in nine samples of collected water. The samples are also below levels of health concern for those involved with continuing cleanup activities. Previous ...

Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) & Chemical Exposure Concerns Discussed in New Video

by Cochrane & Associates, LLC  (Mar. 22, 2015)

Today, the IAQ Video Network and Cochrane & Associates announced the release of their latest educational video.  Their newest production discusses how spray polyurethane foam, also known as SPF, can create chemical exposure concerns if not properly applied.   SPF has become a popular alternative to other forms of insulation in ...

Massive Chemical Fire South of Dallas Causes Safety Concerns

by EMSL Analytical, Inc.  (Oct. 4, 2011)

A massive fire was reported on Monday in Waxahachie, Texas.  Thick black smoke that was visible for miles was of particular concern because it was burning at an industrial site that housed multiple types of chemicals. According to CNN, officials ordered the evacuation of a school, apartment building and other industrial sites in the ...

EPA announces actions to address chemicals of concern, including phthalates

by US EPA - Environmental Protection Agency  (Dec. 31, 2009)

Agency continues efforts to work for comprehensive reform of toxic substance laws WASHINGTON - As part of Administrator Lisa P. Jackson’s commitment to strengthen and reform chemical management, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) today announced a series of actions on four chemicals raising serious health or environmental concerns, ...

Formaldehyde and VOC Concerns in Baby Nurseries

by EMSL Analytical, Inc.  (Mar. 6, 2012)

Last week, California’s KVTU reported on concerns over off-gassing from products and furnishings in newborns’ nurseries. The article brought to light the use of volatile organic compounds, including formaldehyde, that are commonly found in furnishing and baby products used in nurseries.   According to the article, “When ...

Identifying Environmental Concerns in Property Leases

by Sussex Environmental Health Consultants  (Mar. 26, 2012)

Today’s turbulent real estate market has many people who would otherwise purchase residential or commercial properties now turning to leasing.  For many, leasing provides them with the flexibility and the ability to move into a property when the market is uncertain and purchase finance options are not always available.   Both ...

Formaldehyde in Clothes, is it Cause for Health Concerns?

by EMSL Analytical, Inc.  (Oct. 5, 2010)

LA Testing provides formaldehyde and VOC testing services to ensure consumer products such as clothing, as well as indoor environments, are safe for building occupants. Garden Grove, CA, October 5th, 2010 Textile resins containing formaldehyde have been used in some clothing since the 1920s.  The formaldehyde in the resins helps to make the ...

OECD Publishes Reports Concerning Nanomaterials

by Bergeson & Campbell, P.C.  (Feb. 2, 2016)

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) has posted the following reports concerning nanomaterials: Considerations for Using Dissolution as a Function of ...

EPA Releases three final Chemical Risk Assessments / Agency identifies health concern from chemical used in paint strippers

by US EPA - Environmental Protection Agency  (Aug. 28, 2014)

Today, EPA released three final risk assessments for specific uses of three chemicals found in common household products. The risk assessment for Dichloromethane (DCM), which is widely used in paint stripping products, indicates health risks to both workers and consumers who use these products, and to bystanders in workplaces and residences where ...

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