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Pipeline Leak Detection Services

by Chelsea Technologies Group  (Dec. 6, 2006)

Chelsea Technologies Group (CTG) is pleased to announce that they have signed an ongoing contract to support McDermott Caspian Contractors, Inc. for Pipeline Leak Detection (PLD) Services for the AIOC’s Azeri, Chirag and Deepwater Gunashli Project and BP Shah Deniz Project in Azerbaijan. The contract was awarded to CTG due to the rapid response ...

Oil spill & leak detection

by InterOcean Systems  (Mar. 27, 2009)

Slick Sleuth™ Oil Spill Detection & Alarm Systems are used for immediate detection, early warning alert, containment and prevention of accidental spills – averting environmental damage, costly cleanup, and possible fines or regulatory penalties. The optical sensor detects small amounts of oil and can be configured to automatically shut off ...

Desktop leak detection

by WaterLink International - Geomares Publishing bv  (Feb. 19, 2010)

The PermaNet system transmits leak data collected from Permalog+ loggers directly to an office computer wirelessly via network radio or SMS repeater. The effectiveness of Permalog technology has been proven all around the world and in some of the harshest conditions on earth. Easily installed on pipe fittings, the loggers listen for the noise made ...

Active Leak Detection

by LDS Global  (Feb. 14, 2014)

When investigating a suspected leak either within a customers property or on the mains network we will conduct a full and thorough survey of the problem area. This will include checks on the integrity of the zone or area and a brief assessment of  consumption. We will then survey all mains and fittings with a leak noise correlator and ...

Hydrophones for leak detection

by WaterLink International - Geomares Publishing bv  (Mar. 17, 2011)

Sensor Technology, Canada, has received a repeat order for hydrophones custom-designed for a unique application in fire hydrants. Most of the hydrophones the company manufactures are used in marine applications, where designing for survival in sea water is the standard. For this project, the hydrophones are used in pipes carrying drinking water to ...

Early Detection of Tank Storage Leaks

by GE Analytical Instruments  (Jun. 28, 2007)

GE Analytical Instruments, a division of GE Water & Process Technologies, manufactures Leakwise Oil-on-Water Detection and Monitoring Systems for hydrocarbon tank storage applications. Leakwise offers a variety of system configurations consisting of a sensor and controller for wet and dry environments. Installation of sensors in sensitive ...

Leak detection of oil in cooling water

by Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments, Inc.  (Jul. 15, 2009)

Gas compressor plants for one of the USA’s largest suppliers of industrial, medical and specialty gases, use oil / water heat exchangers to cool compressor lubricating oil.  Oil is on one side of a heat exchanger and cooling water on the other side.  Some of the plants have open loop once through cooling systems, with discharge back to a ...

ADS detects Chicago leak in 36” watermain

by ADS Environmental Services / ADS LLC  (Dec. 17, 2007)

ADS® LLC announced today that The Pitometer Group of ADS™ has recently been successful in locating a leak for the City of Chicago in a 36' PCCP watermain. As service providers to the City of Chicago for over 40 years, ADS is now able to detect leaks in pipes as large as 60' thanks to a new large diameter leak detection technology. This new ...

Monitors Detect Leaks of Water Disinfection Chemicals

by PureAire Monitoring Systems, Inc  (Jul. 27, 2010)

PureAire Monitoring Systems has a line of economical, self-contained detection systems that alert personnel in water treatment plants to potentially hazardous leaks and releases of several common disinfection gases. Available for chlorine, chlorine dioxide and ozone, STX-PA Gas Monitors respond quickly to low level disinfectant leaks, yet are not ...

American Leak Detection Promotes Pool Safety This Summer

by Marketwire  (Jun. 29, 2010)

Leak Detection Specialist Offers Maintenance and Safety TipsPALM SPRINGS, CA -- (Marketwire) -- 06/28/10 -- American Leak Detection reminds local families that installing drain covers, fences, gates, and other safety devices in and around pools can help prevent pool accidents this summer. "Parents and caregivers who take an active role in ...

Optical Leak Detection Sensors - Leak detection/liquid presence within telecommunications equipment

by SST Sensing Ltd  (May 6, 2015)

The increased use of small and metrocell technology has resulted in a growing number of units being deployed in locations which are difficult to access and not subject to regular inspections. Enclosures, cabinets and housings of these cells are at risk of fluid ingress, putting critical electronic systems and the end users’ service at risk. ...

American Leak Detection Urges Homeowners to Check for Hidden Water Leaks During Fix-a-Leak Week

by Marketwire  (Feb. 16, 2011)

Looking for ways to save money during the current recession? American Leak Detection has a suggestion: Check your home for "hidden" water leaks. In support of Fix-a-Leak Week, the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) annual national awareness campaign, scheduled for March 15 to 21, American Leak Detection is encouraging homeowners to run some ...

Apprion Launches ION Emissions Monitoring Application With Preventative Hazardous Leak Detection

by Apprion, Inc.  (Mar. 20, 2012)

Apprion, the leading provider of wireless application systems and services for industrial facilities, today revealed its ION Emissions Monitoring Application, which reliably provides predictable, accurate monitoring of gas emissions and imminent hazard situations in industrial facilities. Mounting environmental legislation places greater demands ...

EPA strengthens underground storage tank requirements to improve prevention and detection of leaks

by US EPA - Environmental Protection Agency  (Jun. 22, 2015)

The U.S. Environmental Protection (EPA) is strengthening the federal underground storage tank (UST) requirements to improve prevention and detection of petroleum releases from USTs which are one of the leading sources of groundwater contamination. EPA’s action will strengthen existing requirements and help ensure all USTs in the United ...

Providence Awarded Patent for Automatic Image Processing for Leak Detection

by Providence  (Sep. 20, 2011)

Providence today announces the receipt of a United States Patent No. 8,009,932 B2 for Automatic Alignment of Video Frames for Image Processing. Liming Zhou, PhD, and Yousheng Zeng, PhD, PE, at Providence are the inventors of this system.  Dr. Zeng explains, "This technology was developed to enable a new way of ...

Detecting gas leaks can reduce costs and minimise dangers

by Inspectahire Instrument Company Ltd.  (Apr. 26, 2013)

The potential consequences of undetected gas leaks have been well reported over recent years, including causing illness in personnel and building collapses, and harming the environment. Many chemical compounds and gases are invisible to the naked eye and some are odourless. Yet many companies work intensively with these substances before, during ...

INNOVA 3434i - SF6 Leak Detection Monitor for Energy Markets

by LumaSense Technologies, Inc.  (Feb. 19, 2015)

Sulfur Hexafluoride (SF6) is one of the most potent greenhouse gases, with a Global Warming Potential of more than 22,000 times than that of CO2. Over the past decades, manufacturers have replaced oil high-voltage switch gears with SF6-insulated units. Today, the power utility industry uses roughly 80% of all SF6 produced worldwide. The ...

Gas Leak Detection Equipment: Why Do We Need It?

by a1-cbiss  (Jun. 19, 2014)

The strongest motivation behind refrigerant gas leak detection is the European Union F-Gas regulation brought into effect as part of the EU’s environmental obligation under the Kyoto protocol to lower refrigerant gas emissions. The much anticipated changes of F-Gas regulation aim to strengthen the existing regulation in terms of reducing ...

a1-cbiss Win Tender for Hotel Refrigerant Leak Detection

by a1-cbiss  (Nov. 21, 2013)

In March of this year, a new upscale four-star hotel in Liverpool put out a tender for the supply of a refrigerant leak detection solution. Widely known for our refrigerant leak detection expertise, we were personally requested to tender for the project. Karl Roberts, Gas Detection Sales Engineer commented “We soon got ...

Ammonia Sensor Provides Reliable Leak Detection down to -40C

by PureAire Monitoring Systems, Inc  (Jul. 27, 2010)

A renewable electrochemical sensor for the detection and measurement of ammonia (NH3) is available from PureAire Monitoring Systems. Designed to respond quickly to potentially hazardous ammonia leaks and releases in refrigeration systems, fertilizer plants, chemical processing plants, and other facilities where ammonia is used or produced. The ...

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