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Kingspan Turn Blue for World Water Day in Aid of Just a Drop Foundation


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On March 22nd Kingspan offices around the world turned Blue in aid of the Just a Drop foundation to mark World Water Day. The theme for World Water Day 2019 was ‘Leaving no one behind’, highlighting the ongoing effort to tackle the global water crisis. In 2015, the UN established seventeen Sustainable Development Goals with the Sustainable Development Goal 6 (SDG6) focusing on access to clean water and sanitation for all.  

SDG6 has eight targets, to be achieved by 2030, addressing the barriers to accessing clean water and improved sanitation systems. Around the world millions of people are currently left behind without safe water due to their nationality, residence, gender, economic and social status. Ensuring universal access to safe and affordable drinking water by 2030 requires international cooperation to encourage water efficiency and support treatment technologies in developing countries. 

The Just a Drop foundation works with communities and local partners to implement water, sanitation and hygiene ('WASH') solutions that best suit a community's specific needs. Just a Drop focus on the implementation of practical solutions such as rainwater harvesting systems and sewage treatment systems, two areas of expertise for Kingspan. The foundation’s initiatives include the creation of sand dams in Kenya, and community boreholes in Zambia to provide access to safe water for over 900 people. The approach is community-led with local ownership playing a vital role in the projects. 

As part of our support for World Water Day, Kingspan hosted a ‘Go Blue’ day. Staff across the globe went blue in aid of Just a Drop and in support of sustainable development goal 6. Activities included bake sales, with blue buns and blue cakes, and ‘blue themed’ crossword puzzles. 

Kingspan is working to become a global leader in the design and supply of sustainable water management solutions to address global problems which are contributing to water scarcity and pollution. Our Kingspan Water & Energy division creates sustainable solutions for sourcing, storing and protecting water and energy.

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