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KOMPLETT research project – water recycling: Test phase successfully completed


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For many dry areas of the world which are difficult to reach, a decentralised water treatment system is the preferred option to a centralised water supply and disposal system. In collaboration with Villeroy & Boch, the Universities of Kaiserslautern and Bonn and ap-system engineering, EnviroChemie has now developed a KOMPLETT system for recycling water for large building complexes, such as hotel complexes, leisure centres and shopping centres, small housing estates and high-rise buildings. 
The water treatment plant built by EnviroChemie is integrated into 4 ISO containers and was until November undergoing thorough tests in Kaiserslautern on water from several flats with as many as 14 users. Water from showers, hand washbasins, washing machines (grey water) and toilets (foul water) was collected separately and, after undergoing multi-stage treatment to produce different qualities, was reused as general service water, process water and drinking water. The overall concept of water recycling uses innovative sanitation technology, future-oriented automation with remote monitoring and user-friendly visualisation.
Drinking water quality was already being achieved from treated grey water during the test run. Clear water for watering purposes was continuously produced from foul water. The three plants will be assembled at the UMSICHT Fraunhofer Institute in the spring of 2008 as part of a demonstration project. The water will not only be supplied to the recycling plant from within the company but also from the CENTRO leisure and shopping centres.

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