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INOX4 DT series of drop tight penstocks and sluice gates

Aquatech Amsterdam -- KWT Group, the Dutch leading manufacturer of penstocks, non-return valves and tilting weirs for aquatic control applications, introduces its latest development.

In addition to its current range of penstocks for sewage treatment and pump stations,  cooling towers, desalination plants, stormwater prevention systems and water intake for industrial and power plants, the INOX4 DT holds a promise.

“This new and highly innovative sluice gate creates a new view on the subject of water leakage”, says Managing Director mr. Daniël ten Hoor.

During many years, international leakage standards such as the BS 7775, AWWA C561 and DIN 19569-4 have dominated the world, since fabricated stainless steel penstocks replaced the rather old fashioned heavy and often brittle cast iron gates back in the early seventies.

Thanks to new technologies and design techniques, such as the practical use of finite element analysis (FEA), more optimal use of raw material has been possible. As a result, products have become lighter and stronger.

“Apart from being fully water tight, also the use of less material have made the INOX4 DT cost efficient and more environmentaly friendly than conventional fabricated stainless steel penstocks”, continues mr. ten Hoor. “We are very excited to be the first in the      industry to be able to present this technology to the public”.

This new and innovative product will be introduced throughout KWT's distributor network, active in 35 countries in the world. A launch customer in The Netherlands has ordered 24 systems for a sewage treatment facility upgrade in the city of Apeldoorn. However, the product is especially designed with applications in mind in KWT's developing export markets like GCC countries and South America, sinds the standard configuration is rising spindle.

KWT Group have the new Penstock on display

at their booth at Aquatech Amsterdam

in the Netherlands Water Pavillion,

Hall 7 booth 322.


An advertising campaign supports

the product introduction.


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