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Land Science Technologies announces retro-coat, a new approach to mitigating vapor intrusion at brownfield sites with existing structures


SAN CLEMENTE, CALIFORNIA -- Recently, at the Eighth International Conference on Remediation of Chlorinated and Recalcitrant Compounds, organized and presented by Battelle, Dr. Ben Mork, the Director of Research and Development at Land Science Technologies (LST), a Division of REGENESIS, Inc. delivered a formal “Technologies for Tomorrow” luncheon presentation which included subject matter on a new vapor intrusion mitigation product called Retro-Coat™. This new technology is part of a suite of successful vapor intrusion solutions, including the widely used vapor intrusion barrier Geo- Seal®, offered by LST and designed for use on a range of contaminated properties including brownfields.

Retro-Coat is a new, specially formulated concrete coating developed to mitigate vapor intrusion in existing structures. The Retro-Coat material is highly effective in mitigating potentially harmful contaminant vapors resulting from chlorinated solvents and/or petroleum hydrocarbons in groundwater or soil environments. During the presentation, Dr. Mork went into great detail regarding the research and development process, including the new long-term chemical resistance and testing methodologies developed by LST to document the effectiveness of the Retro-Coat material. He also mentioned that more information will be available regarding the details and testing of Retro-Coat in a forthcoming white paper due out later this summer.

Looking beyond the testing and application, Peter Grant, Division Manager for Land Science Technologies, added, “Vapor intrusion represents a lot of uncertainty for building owners. Retro-Coat provides a simple and proven solution to a complex problem. Implementing Retro-Coat can reduce site characterization cost, building mitigation cost and provide the building owner with greater long-term assurance and flexibility in successfully mitigating their vapor intrusion risk.”

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Land Science Technologies (LST)™ is dedicated to developing and providing advanced technologies for sustainable land development. A goal of LST is to provide innovative and technically sound development solutions for underutilized environmentally impaired properties, commonly referred to as brownfields. LST’s cost-effective, industry-leading technologies offer engineering firms and real estate developers solutions to issues facing the development of brownfields today.

LST is a division of REGENESIS, Inc., the global leader in advanced technologies for contaminated site remediation. Since 1994, REGENESIS has developed and commercialized a range of proven soil and groundwater remediation products to treat a wide variety of contaminants.

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