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Landfill gas set to generate income for the Scottish Borders


Source: Materials Recycling Week

A renewable energy project by Scottish Borders Council will create enough green electricity to power more than 1,000 homes, while cutting annual carbon emissions by the equivalent of around 30,000 tonnes. The project, at Easter Langlee Waste Disposal site near Galashiels, Scotland, takes away the local authority’s burden of controlling and disposing of methane.

The landfill gas scheme is funded by renewable energy firm ENER-G. The firm claims that the 15-year contract could create a significant income for Scottish Borders Council.

ENER-G Natural Power managing director Hugh Richmond said: “The council is effectively turning a liability into an asset and the income will depend on electricity output. We will be using two engines with a total rated capacity of 800kW minimum, and this capacity may be increased if there is sufficient gas production.

“The project is funded entirely by ENER-G and we will pay a portion of the electricity generation revenue to the council, which does not need to get involved in major capital spending or extensive maintenance work, because we do all that.

“A further benefit to the council is ENER-G’s ‘hire fleet’ approach, which means if there is greater amount of gas generated then we are obliged to install the correct size of engine to meet the gas production, maximising generation potential.”

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