Landia aerators eliminate sewage odour problem


Source: Landia a/s

Landia has revealed how its mixer-aerator systems have helped boost tourist numbers on the west coast of Denmark by eliminating odour problems emanating from a raw sewage lift station

With many Danish resorts depending on the rental of summer houses to accommodate national and visiting tourists, a significant dip in trade had occurred due to odour problems from a raw sewage lift station

Low transfer of sewage during winter had caused the liquid and its contents to rot

As the warm weather arrived for the holiday season, the unpleasant odours went from bad to worse

Benefitting from venturi nozzles, the Landia aerators simultaneously mix and aspirate air into the liquid

A few minutes of operation each day has successfully stopped the lift station's liquid from turning septic

Landia has experience in reducing bad odours through its mixing/aeration equipment - most notably in Skjern, where residents had complained about the foul odours emanating from the town's paper mill

An aeration system from Landia, which creates millions of small air bubbles, eliminated the odour problem.

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