Lapsco backs EcoTex ozone cold-water laundering efficiencies with machine-specific data and more


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San Luis Obispo, CA -- Among purveyors of name-brand ozone laundry treatment products, few can match the zeal with which Jerry Schaumburg, Jr., Owner and President of Lapsco, Inc. ( in Stuart, Florida, gathers and dispenses proof of the effectiveness and payback his EcoTex™ ozone systems provide.

Manufactured by California-based ClearWater Tech, LLC, EcoTex technology first came to Schaumburg’s attention a few years ago when a distributor in New Jersey asked him to install a system sold to a hotel chain for a property in Miami. Lapsco, a 30-year-old company founded by his nowretired father, Jerry Schaumburg, Sr., sells and services washers, dryers and related laundry products along Florida’s Treasure Coast, from Cape Canaveral across several counties to south of West Palm Beach, and inland to Lake Okeechobee. The six-person company operates from a 4,400 sq. ft. facility in Stuart.

Drawn to the green efficiencies offered by EcoTex systems, Schaumburg attended a ClearWater Tech conference in California and soon thereafter took on the line. “EcoTex does what they say it will,” he asserts, then proceeds to offer firsthand documentation.

Hard numbers and water usage hit home in a ‘limited resource’ state
“Water may be taken for granted in some parts of the country, but not in Florida. Here, it’s a limited resource and in some areas, usage is even rationed. ClearWater Tech has a calculator you can use to project EcoTex savings in water, gas and other items. Nevertheless, I like to have my customers see exactly how it works where they live.”

So when Juan Marcano, CEO and President of Riteway Linen Services, Port St. Lucie, FL, called about proceeding with an EcoTex system, the first thing Schaumburg installed was water meters.

“I wanted exact readings on their machines with the traditional hot-water setup, to benchmark the savings we figured EcoTex would make,” Schaumburg says. Numbers were recorded and systems installed in October, 2010 included an ECO3 unit servicing three, 150-lb. washers, and an ECO2 for two 100-lb. machines. Over the next three months, data piled up as usage and costs went down.

They nailed numbers and costs on hot water usage, cold water usage, gas and electric, plus wash cycle times for white sheets, white towels, color pool towels, blankets and bed spreads. They also calculated a cumulative overall average cycle time, including loading and unloading.

It was a Number Cruncher’s dream with two key findings. Overall water usage was reduced by more than 53%, with a similar drop in costs, and wash cycle times nose-dived from 55-65 minutes (depending on the type of linen) with traditional hot-water laundering to just 35 minutes using EcoTex.

Linen life savings along with across-the-board utility efficiencies
Schaumburg says the wash cycle-time reductions impact both the laundry service operation and endusers in several ways.

“Along with considerably less energy required (less operating time as well as far less hot water), there is a major reduction in wear and tear on the machines. A 12-hour laundry can wrap up the day in seven or eight hours, or on the flip side, shorter cycle times with EcoTex effectively increase capacity. You can take on 30%-40% more work without having to invest in more equipment.

“Then there’s linen life. What a difference it makes on fabric - sheets, terry towels, you name it - spending about 30 minutes in cold water compared to twice that long in a 160°F wash while agitators do their thing. The hot temperature, the heavier chemical formula, and the time it takes all shorten linen life.”

Schaumburg says Lapsco’s testing at Riteway was documenting performance on individual machines. “Unlike most other ozone systems, EcoTex diffuses ozone from individual generators directly into each washer. Ozone is programmed in at a precise level calculated to work most effectively with the chemistry formulation custom-tailored for linens processed by the laundry operation.”

He notes other key advantages of machine-specific EcoTex technology.
“Some systems inject ozone into the water being sent to all the washers the laundry has. When a machine calls for cold water, at the fill cycle the ozone-treated liquid is pumped into the machine. I call it ‘pump-and-dump’, and once that water’s in the machine, it gets no more ozone. However, ozone has a very short half-life of mere minutes (and less in some cases). Once formed, ozone begins to dissipate rapidly and could easily be gone well before the wash cycle is complete.”

Contrast this with EcoTex ozone technology. “Other systems treat incoming water, but we treat water in the machine,” emphasizes Schaumburg. “Diffusing ozone into the machine itself adds fresh, pure ozone to the water constantly, and at the right level for your chemical formulation throughout the wash cycle. Gentle agitation keeps it circulating through the linens in your load, to ensure the quality cleansing every end user wants, not to mention full-strength ozone bug-kill and other disinfection effectiveness.”

New facility, more EcoTex systems for Riteway Linens
“This technology fulfilled its promise in every way from day one,” says Riteway’s Marcano. “It has helped us become a sustainable company offering extra-value services that our clientele appreciates. EcoTex savings allow us to up-sell value and still be price-competitive. The quality output we deliver daily along with the extended linen life that stems from gentle, reduced-cycle, cold-water processing, saves our customers many thousands of dollars in replenishment costs annually.”

It’s a win-win scenario for both Riteway and Lapsco, further evidenced by the grand opening of a new Riteway Linens facility in Port St. Lucie on May 14. This second facility at 10,000 sq. ft. is double the size and eases the load on Riteway’s original operation just 20 minutes away. The Enterprise Street location also gives the firm sorely needed room to grow and both buildings are fully equipped with the same equipment, including the EcoTex ozone systems.

“EcoTex does what they say it will,” Schaumburg adds: “We’ve got it down in black-and-white. Some people say ‘a picture is worth a thousand words.’ Well, our numbers tell a story that’s pretty tough to beat.”

About ClearWater Tech, LLC
Headquartered in San Luis Obispo, CA, ClearWater Tech LLC is a leading global designer and manufacturer of ozone systems for water and air purification. Since 1986, ClearWater Tech has earned distinction for technically advanced ozone generation applications, and over 200,000 installations serve a wide range of businesses and industries on six continents. For more information on EcoTex ozone systems, visit For additional overall ClearWater Tech company information, call 805.549.9724 or toll-free at 800.262.0203, or visit

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