Largest waste treatment operation in Austria relies on UNTHA shredding technology


Source: UNTHA Shredding Technology Gmbh

Since 1 July 2007, Salzburger Abfallbeseitigung GmbH has been working with the XR2000S shredder made by UNTHA.
SAB processes 120,000 t of waste per year. Shredders of the highest reliability are needed to process such huge amounts of waste.
After 25 years of experience with hammer mills, a hydraulic double rotor machine and two diesel-hydraulic 1-shaft machines were bought in the last thre years.
Most recently, SAB opted for the latest technology to meet the requirements of the future: an electrically frequency-controlled single-shaft shredder with hydraulic push-in unit of UNTHA shredding technology – Anton Unterwurzacher
Maschinenbau GmbH.
Demands with regard to granule size are high in this industry, and this shredder works with the patented screening bar technology. Favourably priced, reversible cutting plates with 4 cutting edges are used as cutters.
SAB has to handle several unshreddable objects per day. The required ruggedness to deal with such objects is ensured by means of a slipping clutch system; breaking of the reversible plates is practically excluded this way. Thanks to the frequency converter drive, the rotor speed is infinitely adjusted to the material to be shredded and the required throughput of 25 t/hr is ensured. “We have had a lot of experience with shredders and knew precisely what we wanted: a rugged shredder meeting our enormously high demands on granule size, i.e. <80mm, in a single step process”, says Günther Matusch, technical manager of SAB.

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