Modern Water - Monitoring Division
Modern Water - Monitoring Division

Latest Advancement for On-Site Analysis of Heavy Metals


Source: Modern Water - Monitoring Division

The PDV6000plus is the latest generation of portable instruments which provide excellent accuracy and convenience when performing on-site heavy metal analysis in water or soil.

Building upon the reputation of the PDV6000, which is globally accepted as the benchmark system, the PDV6000plus boasts a range of software and hardware improvements. It further improves data quality by lowering detection limits, improving reproducibility, providing extra resolution of potential interferences and improved correlation with standard laboratory methods. Defensible real time decisions can therefore be made on site, reducing costs, whilst improving site characterisations.

Keeping a large number of the features and accessories that made the PDV6000 so successful, the PDV6000plus is taking onsite metal monitoring to the next level.

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