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Latest Remediation Equipment: SMARTPHONES Operating Your Remediation Systems?

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Latest Remediation Technology:  Use Your SMARTPHONE for Operating Your Remediation Systems?

You Bet! And you'll SAVE thousands of dollars in operating costs and its a lot easier and cheaper than you think! SOIL-THERM is now building all our systems with the capability to be operated and monitored from your SMARTPHONE using our ReMAC technology (awarded Pollution Engineering's 'Editors Choice 2012'). From simple dry cleaner extraction blowers and air sparging systems to large Chlorinated Oxidizer systems with scrubbers, your SMARTPHONE can operate your system just like you're standing in front of it. Change flows and blower speeds, vacuum, pump levels, and turn on/off your system from home. Extract data for quarterly reports. Reduce site visit frequency. Alarm messages sent to your phone can include 'snapshots' of the touchscreen with the first out message and instructions on how to correct and restart. And SOIL-THERM can customize for your needs.

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