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By optimizing aerospace combustion direct flame oxidation of Chlorinated VOC’s (CVOC’s), SOIL-THERM has achieved the near impossible in a full 1000 scfm Chlorinated oxidizer remediation system. In a Soil-Therm Model 2010-CLR installed in Southern California, SOIL-THERM has specially designed their latest high performance Jet-THERM tm burner and oxidizer system to maximize direct flame destruction of the CVOC’s at a much lower operating temperature and smaller oxidizer size than ever before. The system has operated for over a year and is fully SCAQMD permitted and Low NOx SCAQMD Rule 1147 compliant.

Performance. Built on two interconnecting skids with a total size of only 8-ft x 25-ft,  the SOIL-THERM Model 2010-CLR chlorinated oxidizer system includes a full Soil Vapor Extraction blower, water knockout, connecting air stripper, heat exchanger, quench scrubber, and packed tower scrubber system with fully automated controls. It also includes full Remote Monitoring and Control over the internet with iPAD and iPhone apps. 

In the first year of operation it has accumulated over 8000 hours operation and removed and destroyed over 20,000 pounds of CVOC’s. Destruction efficiencies for PCE and TCE are >99.999% at an operating temperature of only 1500F. Monthly supplemental fuel costs have averaged from $2,800 to $3800 per month. Due to the very low Retention Time  required from the Jet-THERM burner and oxidizer (

Conclusion. Typical CVOC combustion air oxidizer systems require much larger equipment sizes, and are space prohibitive. For example, others have estimated that the 1500 scfm processing and >99.99% destruction efficiencies achieved by the SOIL-THERM 2010-CLR system would typically require a combustion air burner oxidizer system that was over 6 to 7-ft chamber diameter with at least twice as footprint, and have to operate at over 1800-2000F to achieve the same results. 

We believe that SOIL-THERM’s advanced technology is the smallest, most powerful, and lowest fuel operating cost Chlorinated Oxidizer Emissions Control process technology on the market today. If you have a space restricted site and need to comply with very tough Air District rule for emissions and low NOx, SOIL-THERM is the leader in designing the smallest and most powerful oxidizer systems ever made. Please give us a call for more information.   

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