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Launch of the Fluxus F/G721


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Flexim's newest ultrasonic flow meter for liquids and gases

14 September 2015 -- Available from 14 September 2015, the FLUXUS 721 is FLEXIM’s next generation of advanced non-invasive ultrasonic flow metering for liquids and gases. Besides its new look, it boasts a completely re-designed hardware platform with a 32 bit embedded ARM processor for powerful signal processing. This allows for accurate and reliable measurement at even the most difficult applications. 

The Flexim meters can be installed without a line break or system drain down. The clamp-on sensors are ideal for sanitary or UHP lines as the process is not interrupted. The ENERGY meters are a particularly cost-effective retrofit without process shutdown. 

Offering a far better signal to noise quality, a greater measurement range, signal improvements giving better signal evaluation and processing, nearly 10-fold faster measurement cycles than its predecessor, the FLUXUS 70X, and virtually unlimited data storage, the 721 flow meter surpasses any other non-intrusive ultrasonic flow meter in terms of accuracy, reliability and versatility.

FLUXUS® F/G721 offers non-intrusive flow measurement of virtually any kind of liquid or gas, from the smallest tubing to the largest penstock, independent of the pressure inside the pipe and over a very large temperature range. This makes it the flow meter of choice for a very wide range of applications in virtually any industrial sector, and is especially sought after for high purity gas flow measurement in ATEX areas.

If you are looking for unparalleled flow measurement in chemical, oil & gas, water & wastewater and other industries, or need peace of mind in energy efficiency, contact MeasurIT today to discuss how you can meet your business needs.

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