Leading atmospheric modelling firm finds new applications for second wind`s triton sodar

WindLogics and Second Wind Inc. announced today that WindLogics has purchased two Second Wind Triton™ sonic wind profilers and plans to use the Triton data with SCADA data in a new study on an operating wind farm.

Commercially released in 2007, the Triton has heretofore been used mostly in wind resource assessment studies, usually in conjunction with meteorological tower measurements. “WindLogics is a well-respected meteorological firm, and we’re excited to see them finding new uses for the Triton,” said Second Wind COO Larry Letteney.

WindLogics is known worldwide for providing independent wind resource assessment services throughout all phases of a project, from studies through finance and eventually operation. “Remote data collection is playing a growing role in our work,” says Mark Ahlstrom, WindLogics CEO. “This year, WindLogics will be deploying two Tritons at an operating wind farm. We’re working with the University of Minnesota to use the SCADA and SoDAR data to develop a high resolution model predicting wake effects and enabling improved wind farm design. The Tritons will provide reliable and continuous wind profiles under these complex conditions.”

“We’re look forward to using the Tritons for this project. The units are affordable, portable and rugged, and we also appreciate the SkyServe satellite data service,” says Ahlstrom.

The development phase of this R&D project, conducted as part of the Xcel Renewable Development Fund, will be completed in 2011, with the entire project completed by 2012. In addition to this project, WindLogics looks forward to using the Tritons to develop rich on-site data sets for additional R&D into improved wind resource assessment and forecasting services.

“We see a growing list of applications for the Triton in all stages of wind farm development and operation,” says Second Wind’s Letteney. “We’re excited to see WindLogics, a clear leader in the field, adopting the Triton and adding it to their studies.”

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