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Leading Chinese cable recycler acquire Eldan equipment


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Press release 2014-02-11

At the end of 2013 Mr. Zhang and Mr. Wang travelled from Tianjin, China to visit their machine supplier in Faaborg, Denmark.

The President and the Vice President from the major company, Tianjin Xinneng Renewable Resources Co Ltd, Tianjin/China often travel the world to visit their suppliers of both scrap products and processing equipment. This time they visited their supplier of recycling equipment, the manufacturer Eldan Recycling A/S, based in Faaborg, Denmark. The reason for the visit was to inspect their new 3-tonnes Cable Recycling Line prior to shipment. The line is capable of processing up to 3-tonnes scrap cable per hour into valuable copper or aluminium granulate as well as plastics from the insulation. When processing scrap cables into copper granulates, the purity is very important and the Eldan equipment ensures up to 99.5% metal purity. The Eldan equipment will be used to support Tianjin Xinneng Renewable Resources Co Ltd’s Spanish and Italian copper smelting equipment.

“We are very proud that Mr. Zhang and Mr. Wang found time to visit our factory in Denmark. It is very important to us that everything works smoothly, when the processing equipment arrives at its destination. Therefore - in deals like this - we always send one of our Project Managers to the customer site to clarify all details concerning the installation etc. before production of the equipment is actually started-up. This is done to ensure a successful installation and commissioning on site”, says Mr. Henning Nørgaard, Territory Manager, Eldan Recycling A/S

The second generation managed Chinese company has been long in the business and on their almost 300.000 m2 site they process and dismantle many kinds of scrap, such as for instance scrap cable, waste electrical and eletronic equipment (WEEE), end of life vehicles and plastics. Even though they employ some 2000 people, they are most aware that to stay in the lead of the industry, they need their processing equipment to be of the highest standard. Therefore, the Management is travelling the world to find the best and right suppliers of equipment to meet their demands. They own equipment from many countries including Italy, Spain, Germany, Japan, Taiwan and Denmark. They already have a Cable Recycling Plant from Eldan Recycling A/S, which Mr. Zhang at some point bought as second-hand Cable Recycling Plant on the international market for machinery. They are satisfied with the performance of the line and what is more natural - when the activities are expanded – than to buy the second line from the same manufacturer?

“We were happy to visit the Eldan factory to see how the Danish people develop, design and produce all the equipment in their facilities in Faaborg Denmark. All machines were tested to our full satisfaction during our stay and we now look forward to receiving them in our factory in Tianjin” says Mr. Zhang President of Tianjin Xinneng Renewable Resources Co Ltd.

“Together with our agent Ferrostaal (Beijing) we have already sold more Recycling Lines into China” says Managing Director Dr. Toni Reftman, Eldan Recycling A/S. “Although China is a heavy competitor on the world market for machinery, it seems that the Chinese Managers of recycling companies appreciate that our equipment is designed for automated processing with surveillance only”

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