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Leakwise Oil-on-Water Monitoring Systems Mitigate Tank Storage Leaks


Source: GE Analytical Instruments

GE Analytical Instruments manufactures Leakwise Oil-on-Water Detection and Monitoring Systems for hydrocarbon tank storage applications. Leakwise offers various system configurations including a controller and sensor for wet and dry environments. Sensors installed in storm water sumps, retention tanks, or at the outlet of a floating tank roof provide on-line monitoring 24/7.

Leakwise detectors may be installed in unmanned remote locations without power or communication lines. Power can be supplied with Leakwise solar packs, and communication made via modem through PTP, telephone, or wireless communication. When an oil sheen is detected, an alarm is triggered to turn off pumps or close discharge valves. This low-maintenance monitoring alternative alerts users of tank leaks before they become costly spills.

Whether the tanks have a floating roof or above ground storage with groundwater monitoring, Leakwise allows operators to rest assured that leaks will be caught early. GE Analytical instruments designed a document that answers the questions specific to your tank farm situation.

CLICK HERE to download the full Tank Farm Storage Application Document.

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