Lending promise featured in April dining for women program

Lending Promise Inc., a nonprofit organization that offers microcredit - small loans of $100 or less - to poor mothers in Nepal and India, is the featured organization at April programs of more than 180 chapters of Dining For Women (DFW) in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. Dining for Women empowers poor women by funding programs fostering good health, education, and economic self-sufficiency and inspires individuals to make a difference through collective giving at monthly pot-luck dinner meetings. Through April, its members are hearing about Lending Promise efforts in Jumla, Nepal. Proceeds are expected to fund over 200 women in Jumla to form such businesses as goat and buffalo farms and vegetable markets. To provide education about the work of both Dining organizations, and to capitalize on the location of Lending Promise in San Jose, DFW will hold a multi-chapter meeting April 20 at 6:30 p.m. in San Jose. Email dfwsj1@gmail.com to reserve a seat and to learn more. 'We are pleased to support Lending Promise, whose work closely aligns with our mission of empowering women living in extreme poverty,' said Marsha Wallace, executive director and founder, Dining For Women. 'By learning about microcredit projects such as the one in Jumla, our members are inspired to give collectively on a large scale while maintaining the intimacy and fellowship of small groups that are passionate about making a difference.' 'I treasure the approach of Dining For Women, whose contributions are by women, for women,' said Meg North Taylor, executive director and founder of Lending Promise. 'As a member of a San Jose Chapter myself, I'm consistently impressed by the invaluable projects that Dining For Women has impacted, which are improving the lives of families in Afghanistan, Uganda, Peru, Vietnam and other developing countries.' About Dining For Women Dining for Women (DFW) is a dinner giving circle for which members hold monthly pot-luck dinners, hearing presentations from, and donating to, international causes that empower women. Through members' combined gifts, DFW supports grass-roots programs that foster good health, education, vocational training, micro-credit and economic development. And by learning about the circumstances of women in poverty, members become change agents who make a difference through the power of collective giving. For more information, visit www.diningforwomen.org. About Lending Promise Lending Promise Inc. is a non-profit microcredit organization that helps some of the world's poorest mothers increase their income to improve their children's futures. Those personal changes impact broader communities, resulting in higher literacy rates, improved nutrition and sanitation, lower mortality rates and stronger economies. By offering loans instead of handouts, Lending Promise empowers women to be financially independent. Visit www.lendingpromise.org.

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