LG Sonic MPC-Buoy / LG Sonic e-Line

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MPC-Buoy Installed in Poland

Milestone of the project ClearWater PMPC

Under the European Funded FP7 project, 2 MPC-Buoys have been deployed for research purpose in Lake Skrzyneckie Male in Poznan, Poland. Within the project, 2 Buoy types have been developed, a Master version and a Slave. The Master Buoy continually monitors the water quality, to determine algae blooms within the lake. After uploading this to a server, the most optimal ultrasonic program can be selected to target the present algae. The Slave Buoy communicates with the Master, to receive the ultrasonic program that should be operative. Lake Skrzyneckie Male has a history of algae blooms, specifically cyanobacteria. Throughout the year, the MPC-Buoy will be used to monitor the water quality and reduce algal bloom occuring in this lake.

Actinomycetes and Filamentous bacteria

LG Sound has been involved in several research projects to control Actinomycetes for industrial waste and drinking water. Actinomycetes are gram-positive bacteria that can grow in water environments. Their filaments form colonies inside water pipelines and reservoirs giving the water a bad taste and odour due to their production of geosmins and MIB’s. Multiple case studies in cooling towers and drinking water plants have shown the beneficial effects of the LG Sonic technology. After a couple of weeks of treatment with LG Sonic, significant reduction in Actinomycete counts was found and taste and odour of the water improved.

Raw water treatment in Ecuador

Located in Santa Elena’s peninsula, the 42.000 m3 water reservoir supplies raw water to a local drinking water plant. Once treated, water is distributed to 250.000 inhabitants that can enjoy safe drinking water. However green algae was growing on the liner, hampering post-treatment. To cover the 24.000 m2 of water surface, it was decided to install 3 devices LG Sonic® e-Line. Just 24 hours after the installation, the results were astonishing. LG Sonic technology was found again to successfully reduce the concentration of green algae and cut down the need to dosify 100 kg of Copper sulfate every year.

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