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LGD F200 - Designed for easy zeroing and span adjustments


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Regular zeroing and span adjustments to gas analyzers in the field are suggested and required for a variety of reasons. Compliance to environmental standards, e.g. those outlined in the US EPA (40 CFR) or EN 14181 is an important factor.

Special application conditions, e.g. a varying gas matrix or compensating for pressure effects can be additional reasons, where a zeroing and span adjustment can bring improvements in gas measurement performance, and help eliminate systematic errors.
The LGD F200 – designed keeping ease of use by OEMs in mind – lends itself to easy adjustments. Gas analyzer OEMs can easily build in automatic zeroing and span cycles into the complete system. Here, application and field conditions are the critical factor to achieve an effective adjustment cycle. Additionally, the Axetris customer support team supports customers throughout the design cycle with our application and product know-how.

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