LGD F200 Platform 2 – “More Possibilities” for field use


Source: Axetris Ag

In mid-2016, Axetris launched the Platform 2 of the popular LGD F200, with a range of improvements that offer “more possibilities” for use in real-world applications. One such possibility is to configure an additional relay output and alarm available as an analog output.

Relay Alarm Configuration

The LGD F200P2 comes with a configurable relay output and alarm function as analog output. A range of sensor parameters such as gas concentration, spectroscopic line locking, optical detected power and gas cell or electronic temperature can be selected for the relay output, and alarms can be easily configured based on desired maximum and minimum ratings. The relay alarm once defined is then saved to the sensor and stored automatically in the device EEPROM.

Axetris customers profit from higher gas detection performance due to improvements in product architecture. The new design reduces warm-up time of the gas measurement cell, which enables a shorter time to a stable measurement for hot gas applications. Platform 2 further improves on long-term stability by making the product more robust, even in environments with heavy dust concentrations. This translates into lower maintenance effort, and longer zero/span intervals for gas analyzers. Product modularity makes field service tasks easier and more cost-efficient for the end user.

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