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“Lid-up-no-collect rule” to be enforced in Devon


Source: Materials Recycling Week

Bin collections in parts of East Devon will no longer include bins which do not have their lids fully closed.

From Monday 22 March, East Devon District Council will enforce the policy in an attempt to protect collection contractors from injury.

Staff working for waste contractor SITA, who provide collection services on behalf of the council, will be able to attach a label to any overflowing bin that states that the bin lid is open and the bin is unsafe to empty.

The bin can then be collected at the following collection two weeks later, providing the lid is then fully closed.

The move comes following a recent fatality at another local authority contract where an operative was reported to have got caught in a bin lifting mechanism while trying to push down the waste bin lid.

East Devon District Council’s portfolio holder for StreetScene responsible for waste and recycling Councillor David Cox said: “This is clearly a very serious safety issue and we cannot put out contractor’s staff at risk.

“I am sure the public will want to support us in this. Moreover, if the wheelie bin is overflowing, this will invariably be because the householder is putting material in the landfill bin that could in fact be recycled.”

However, Campaign for Weekly Waste Collection’s Doretta Cocks said: “Although they cite health and safety for the refuse collectors, it is purely another way of reducing the amount of waste they have to collect. 

“We have the same policy here in Eastleigh, an alternate weekly collections area, and this results in far more trips to the tip for residents - hardly an environmentally-friendly policy.”

“Lid-up-no-collect rule” to be enforced in Devon

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