Liquid and air filter element sales will exceed $34 billion this year


Source: The McIlvaine Company

Sales of filter element to separate particles from air, gases, water, oil and other liquids will exceed $34 billion in 2013. This is the latest forecast in the McIlvaine Air/Gas/Water/Fluid Treatment and Control: World Markets. (

The largest single segment is the residential/commercial. This includes furnace, refrigerator and other air and water filters used in residences, office buildings and other governmental and commercial enterprises. Carbon block, membranes and non-woven filter media are used.

The industrial sector is the next largest. Filter elements used in stack gas purification comprises the bulk of the air applications. Membrane and non-woven filter elements used in pharmaceutical applications account for nearly 40 percent of the liquid portion of the industrial sector.

Mobile includes on-road as well as off-road vehicles, ships, rail locomotives and airplanes. Applications include filtration of fuel, coolant and intake air; cabin air and components requiring lubrication and fluid power including both pneumatic and hydraulic filters.

The oil and gas sector uses extensive numbers of coalescing filter elements to remove entrained droplets from gases. Liquid filter elements are used on a variety of applications.

Clarcor and Donaldson are two companies whose products are available in most of the sectors. Affinia concentrates just on the fluid power and mobile aftermarket. Cummins is primarily in the mobile sector. Parker Hannifin offers products for many sectors. However, unlike Donaldson and Clarcor, it does not offer the stack gas cartridges.

A number of media companies such as Ahlstrom, Lydall and Hollingsworth & Vose have products in all the sectors.

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