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Liveable Cities: Exposure to Air Pollution of Dangerous Airborne Particles (PM2.5) and the Toxic Gas NO2 a focus at 22nd International Clean Air and Environment Conference.


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Melbourne, Australia -- Ecotech, Australia’s leader in environmental monitoring solutions, released new studies among others at CASANZ 2015 (Clean Air Society Australia and New Zealand), held from 21 – 23 September in Melbourne, addressing the world’s biggest environmental risk – air pollution.

Keynote speaker at the conference and Founder and Director of “Clean Air in London”, Simon Birkett, focusing on the health impacts from city road transport, stated, “Nitrogen dioxide (NO2)is the only “modern” gas regulated for health and legal purposes amongst the plethora of pollutants monitored.”

“It’s particularly worrying therefore that the latest scientific evidence is showing that the health impacts from nitrogen dioxide is comparable with fine particles, and yet largely independent of it”. The Advisor to UNEP's Global Environment Outlook continued, “It is vital therefore that we measure nitrogen dioxide accurately where people live and work and pursue a range of measures to eliminate it at source”.

He pointed out, “In London, 82% of NO2 problems come from the city itself. Cities will become more liveable when there is a real shift in resolving the cities’ road transport problems”.

The Victorian EPA (Australia), whose vision is for a healthy environment that supports a liveable and prosperous Victoria, continued the discussion of re-imagining cities by highlighting the need to work with and co-monitor with communities by empowering the community for monitoring, in order to make a liveable city.

Nicholas Dal Sasso, Ecotech Managing Director, commented, “The work we do puts us in a position to make a difference to our environment. By providing accurate and timely information on environment impacts, our stakeholder’s can make informed decisions to create a better place to live – now and for future generations.”

Supporting the cause for more liveable cities, on the first day of the conference, Ecotech presented:

  • “Optical Particulate Matter Monitoring Technology in Traffic Tunnels” - a study conducted to determine if a reliable and accurate alternative to the current TEOM monitors could be found in order to reduce the frequency of tunnel entries and improve safety for operators and motorists alike.
  • “Latest Advances in Real Time Dust Monitoring for Mining and Port Operations” – a study outlining that effective management of the associated air pollution issues only comes from an innovative, fully integrated dust management system, where the latest advances in science are directly addressing the concerns of society and the need for business to create a sustainable future.

Ecotech works closely with 25 government Environment Protection Agencies (EPA) including: Australia; USA; Brazil; China; Germany; Spain; Hong Kong; India; New Zealand; Russia; Saudi Arabia; Taiwan; and Thailand to provide air quality monitoring systems.

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