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Living Off-Mains – What You Need to know


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Wastewater management might not be the most glamorous side of the design and construction process. but it’s undoubtedly a highly crucial one.

Different projects require different forms of management, be it for a large hotel catering for thousands of guests or for a small, rural property designed for a family. Choosing the right system for your needs is vital.

Here’s what you need to know when choosing your wastewater management system.

How sewage treatment plants work

Wastewater from the bath, washing sinks and from flushing the toilet goes down the drain and into the sewage treatment plant.

After entering the sewage treatment plant wastewater is treated by the microorganisms that occur naturally in the sewage.  The treated water is then released into the watercourse or drainage field.

The water that is released meets quality control standards and is safe for the environment. Depending on how much use the system is subject to, it will have to be professionally de-sludged periodically. In most cases, once a year is sufficient.


The sewage treatment plants come in various sizes, which makes it possible for those purchasing one to plan for any expansion of their family if needed. The installer will be able to work with you to help determine what size would best meet your needs, both now and in the future.

Service and maintenance

While wastewater systems are somewhat labour free, it is advised to check the system on a regular basis. If maintained properly, and depending of usage, a system is more than capable of lasting for over 15 years.
Regular checks on the performance of the system should take place to ensure any potential problems in the future are avoided. Under no circumstances should the electricity powering the pumps or blowers in the system be intentionally shut off. If this occurs for an extended period of time, the system basically becomes an undersized septic tank where the ordinary means of breakdown for that method are ineffective.

Checks should be conducted once every 6 months.
Ongoing support
It is very important to find a company which will not only install the system properly, but is also available whenever needed to answer questions and take care of any upkeep or problems that might arise.

You will not only be buying a system that will meet your needs, but will also need access to ongoing maintenance with a reliable dealer.

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