Local Governments Use IWorQ to Help Report Losses from Hurricane Sandy


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(PRWEB) November 21, 2012 -- Hurricane Sandy the super storm that managed to affect 24 states left a lot of work for local governments in its wake. This tropical storm was reported to be the second most expensive hurricanes in us history. In these types of situations local governments and states have to petition to FEMA (the Federal Emergency Management Agency) for financial help with the disaster cleanup and rebuilding. Usually what happens is the Federal government will pay for about 75% of the disaster costs while the local government or state will pay the remaining 25%. Depending on how extensive the damages are that 25% could be a huge amount. Money is available on a first come first serve basis. Local governments had to be ready and have the necessary tools on hand to help not only manage the work but report it as well. IWorQ has multiple applications that allowed many of these local governments in these areas to record and keep track of the necessary information and pull those reports for FEMA. Local governments can be reimbursed up to the 75% if they are able to provide reports outlining the cost. It is important that local governments have some means of recording and reporting this information easily. Many of iWorQ’s customers were affected by hurricane Sandy but loved the fact that iWorQ applications that allow them to get this information to FEMA quickly. Some of iWorQ’s customers in NY got hit hard by hurricane Sandy; one even said they were hit so hard that the topography of the land will never be the same again. This same customer stated that the work Management program that iWorQ offers has helped them out immensely when it came to keeping track of the cost and creating reports for FEMA. With the iWorQ work management application local governments can easily create and store parcels for reference later. They can also report on any of the information in work management. IWorQ provides all the tools necessary for every local governments needs.

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