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London Vehicles to Be Tested for Harmful Emissions as Accuscan 4600 Comes to Town


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On June 20th 2006, Air Quality Monitoring specialists – Enviro Technology – will be demonstrating the abilities of the Accuscan 4600 remote sending device on vehicles passing by London Wall, City of London.

This will be the first time that environmental professionals from London borough councils will be able to actively see the device in action, while getting a real-time taster of the level of harmful exhaust emissions being pumped into the city’s air by both large and small vehicles.

The Accuscan 4600 can test up to 4,000 vehicles per hour and will operational from 11.00am – 3.00pm on Tuesday 20th June.

Earlier this year Enviro Technology was appointed as the sole UK distributor for Tucson, USA, based Environmental Systems Products (ESP) the worlds premier vehicle inspection company and manufacturers of the Accuscan 4600.

Says Duncan Mounsor, Enviro Technology Operations Director: “The Accuscan 4600 works by measuring tailpipe emissions as motor vehicles pass through ultraviolet and infrared beams stationed at either side of the road.

“Remote sensing devices (RSDs) are the worlds quickest and most convenient form of motor vehicle emissions testing.

“The Accuscan 4600 provides a simple diagnostic solution for the ever present vehicle emissions pollution problem affecting our major UK cities. With its ability to monitor thousands of vehicles in a day and provide reliable information as to emissions, the Accuscan 4600 really is the only option for those cities looking to research and, if needed, implement low emissions zones.”

The Accuscan 4600 will measure vehicles for the emission of Nitrogen Oxides (NOx), Carbon Monoxide (CO), Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Hydrocarbons (HC) and the ‘smoke factor’ – a measurement technique specifically developed for assessing particulate emissions from diesel vehicles.

The system also records the speed and acceleration of the vehicle. All the data is referenced to an image of the registration plate which has been captured by a high speed camera, thus allowing the identification of polluting vehicles.

“Several major UK cities are interested in setting up low emissions zones and this kind of technology simplifies the screening of clean and grossly polluting vehicles without having to stop the vehicles to conduct the test - or having to involve third parties such as the police,” adds Duncan.

Representatives from ESP and Enviro Technology will be on hand during the day to discuss how the Accuscan 4600 can help environmental professionals with regard to Air Quality Management areas.

The inventor of Remote Sensing Vehicle Emissions Monitoring Systems – Dr Donald Stedman – will also be present to explain the technology.

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