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Louisiana Could Face Another Flood after Hurricane Isaac


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EMSL Analytical has developed a “Do-It-Yourself Mold Kit” to help detect mold in homes after a flood.

EMSL Analytical -- Hurricane Isaac has left many neighborhoods in Louisiana with no electricity, air conditioning, or clean water, and streets are flooded with soupy brown water. Officials believe it will be days before people who were forced to evacuate can return to their homes.

Further reports from the Associated Press suggest that the flooding may not be over. A dam in Lake Tangipahoa, in Mississippi on the Louisiana border, could unleash and result in a 17-foot flood. Officials have been pumping water from the dam and are considering punching a hole in it to lower rain in the reservoir in an attempt to prevent it from giving way. This potential flood threat has already caused evacuations in small towns and rural areas nearby.

When heavy flooding occurs in a residential area, mold growth poses a huge problem. Active mold growth in a home can result in health problems in infants, the elderly, and those already in poor health. Side effects include asthma, lung infection, or inflammation of the lungs. Therefore, after flooding occurs, it is important to minimize mold growth.

EMSL Analytical has created a “Do-It-Yourself Mold Kit” for individuals affected by a flood. The kit is designed to be a convenient and affordable alternative for mold testing.

“If mold growth is suspected, residents can have their homes professionally tested by using EMSL’s “Do-It-Yourself Mold Kit,” states Diane Miskowski, MPH, Business Development Manager at EMSL Analytical. “EMSL Analytical has been offering mold testing services following hurricanes since its foundation in 1981.” 

To order a “Do-It-Yourself Mold Kit,” call 1-888-958-8170 or visit www.moldinspectionkit.com.

For more information on testing services and products provided by EMSL please call (800) 220-3675, visit www.EMSL.com or email info@EMSL.com.

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