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Climate-KIC has accepted a new Flagship project - the Low Carbon City Lab (LoCaL). This project is an important catalyst for green growth opportunities and climate change mitigation in cities and urban areas around the globe. The project will provide funding, planning, capacity building, design and performance monitoring services at city level.

The core project team of South Pole Carbon, the Centre for Carbon Measurement at the National Physical Laboratory (NPL), GFZ-Potsdam, and LSCE will be providing four services:

  1. Quantification of emissions in the transport sector
  2. Innovative atmospheric emissions accounting
  3. Inventory verification service
  4. 3D GHG data for cities

The Environmental Measurements Group at NPL will be undertaking a City Greenhouse Gas Inventory Verification Service as part of this project. There are almost 800 cities worldwide recording their greenhouse gas emissions within inventories in order to track their emissions and this service is aimed at cities interested in verifying their emissions.

A robust, consistent verification service for city inventories will include data quality assessment, Monte Carlo sensitivity analysis, and risk assessment ranking. It will cater for cities with different requirements; aid the implementation of the Global Protocol for Community-Scale GHG Inventories; give confidence to potential investors; provide advice on how to improve their inventory in coming years; target investment to achieve the highest and most cost-effective impact; and make sources of uncertainty transparent to stakeholders.

NPL is currently seeking leading cities to co-develop the verification service, by being 'test-cases'. These cities would contribute their data and time, and provide funding to match that provided by Climate-KIC.

The Centre for Carbon Measurement, based at NPL, has been set up to reduce uncertainties in climate data, provide the robust measurement that is required to account for price and trade carbon emissions, and help develop and accelerate the take up of low carbon technologies.

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