Low-cost H2 delivery system for new station in London


Industrial gases supplier Air Products has developed a new vehicle for the supply of hydrogen to hydrogen fuelling stations, being utilised for the first time in London. The Hydrogen Dual Phase Tanker enables hydrogen to be delivered to fuelling stations as a liquid or as a high pressure gas. This means that the station does not require any compression on site; thus removing a typically high cost and high maintenance element in the hydrogen refuelling supply chain.

According to the Air Products  press release, fuel will be delivered to London’s first permanent hydrogen fuelling station for fuelling a new fleet of hydrogen powered buses.  Operating between Covent Garden and Tower Hill, the buses will be one of the largest hydrogen fleets in Europe. This is the first station of its kind in Europe, and is the beginning of a low cost hydrogen network being deployed by Air Products across London and the UK.

The first five of the eight buses ordered entered service on 18 December and will be refuelled and maintained from a specially designed maintenance facility housed in First’s Lea Interchange bus depot at Stratford in east London. Maintenance will be carried out by Air Products. All eight vehicles will be operational by mid-2011.

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