Low cost noise nuisance recorder helps neighbours to maintain festive spirit


Source: Casella

20/11/12 -- As the festive season approaches, Local Authorities will be steeling themselves for the inevitable string of complaints that accompany noisy neighbours, house parties and over exuberant guests. STEALTH, the low cost Noise Nuisance Recorder (NNR) launched earlier this year by Casella CEL (; 01234 844100), provides a simple, low-cost means of monitoring complaints about noisy neighbours, with the intention of collecting evidence and abating any unreasonable disturbances and hopefully helps to maintain some festive cheer!


The NNR unit is small enough to be concealed in its own shoulder bag, limiting the chance of noisy neighbours noticing any monitoring activity taking place in adjacent properties. What’s more it is extremely easy to set up and to use, and comes complete with a ‘Walk Through’ menu system designed for operators with little or no experience of acoustic instruments.  It even incorporates an illuminated record button, so there are no remote controls to lose or damage! 


Operating in ‘NNR mode’, no user configuration is required since the parameters are selected automatically, including time history.  So, the operator is simply asked to perform a calibration, after which a voice note may be recorded and then the measurement begins.


With up to 60 hours of audio recording, incorporating a pre- and post-trigger feature to validate legitimate complaints, the STEALTH NNR is fast becoming a popular device for Environmental Health Officers in Local Authorities around theUK.


Casella Insight Data Management Software is provided on a complimentary basis with any purchase of a CEL-630 Series kit. This provides an easy-to-use but advanced platform with which to download and analyse data, and to store measurements according to location or complainant


This facility allows time history of measures to be shown in a graph format, clearly indicating points at which audio has been recorded.  The audio can then be played back and traced together with a profile of the measured sound pressure levels.

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