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Low-Flow groundwater sampling - latest research and equipment options


Source: QED Environmental Systems Ltd.

Date: Thursday, 29th March 2018
Time: 1:30 p.m. EDT
Duration: 45 minute presentation, 15 minute Q & A

About This Webinar:
In this webinar, David Kaminski will present the latest information on well purging protocols, and discuss low-flow sampling pump options, including the newest pumping equipment available for low-flow sampling.

David will describe traditional well purging practices and how these have evolved into today’s practice of low-flow purging and sampling. Information about controlling sample turbidity, the correlation of drawdown and indicator parameter stabilization, and guidelines for proper application of low-flow sampling will be covered.

Presentation will Include:

  • Traditional well purging practices
  • Effects of purging on sample chemistry
  • What is low-flow purging and sampling?
  • Advantages of low-flow purging and sampling
  • What do low-flow samples represent?
  • Low-flow application guidelines
  • Purging and sampling flow rates
  • Water level drawdown recommendations
  • Indicator parameter stabilization criteria
  • Pump placement and well screen length
  • Low-flow sampling pump options

Who Should Attend?

  • Facility environmental managers
  • Engineers
  • Environmental specialists
  • Plant utility workers
  • Engineering firms
  • Sampling contractors
  • Consultants and regulators

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