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Low Frequency Noise

Most Local Authorities receive complaints about low-frequency noise, but subsequent investigations are notoriously difficult and time-consuming to make.

With the introduction of modern noise monitoring instruments, such as Bruel & Kjaer’s Type 2250 Hand-Held Analyser - with built-in sound recording and logging 1/3rd octave frequency spectrum - the procedure for practical assessment (developed by Drs Moorhouse, Waddington and Adams at Salford University) has been simplified.

A new application note now available on Bruel & Kjaer UK’s website ( outlines how to make these assessments using its Type 2250 Noise analyser:

The parameters to be measured: • the Leq, 5mins values in each 1/3rd octave frequency band over a frequency range of 10Hz to 160Hz and,

• the L10,5mins and L90,5mins values in each 1/3rd octave frequency band over a frequency range of 10Hz to 160Hz. and,

• continuous logging of the short term LAeq values.

• It is advisable that the complainant should have the ability to record the actual sound when the noise is present.

For details of the required procedure visit Bruel & Kjaer’s website at:

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