‘Low Noise’ Tapping Machines

More accurate sound insulation measurements to help constructors meet strict noise regulations are now available with sound and vibration expert, Bruel & Kjaer’s updated Standard Tapping machine – with reduced external noise.

The inherent mechanical noise a typical Standard Tapping machine produces, particularly on poorly insulated floors, is picked up during use and distorts the results. Bruel and Kjaer significantly reduced the internal noise (and hence external noise) of its Standard Tapping machines by using vibration insulation inserts and bushes.

For the design and performance of Standard Tapping machines, manufacturers must follow the international standards ISO 140-6, ISO 140-7, ISO 140-8 and ISO 140-11. Measurement procedures for drum noise (noise from footsteps) are on the research level, but currently no international standard has been issued.

The Standard Tapping machine is placed on to the floor covering and measurements are made of the resulting impact noise inside the room below. Each machine has five hammers, which lift and drop on to the floor twice a second, this creates some inherent mechanical noise from the motor, gearbox and lifting mechanism – with Bruel and Kjaer’s improved model only the floor acoustics are recorded and users are provided with more precise measurements.

Measurement of sound insulation is also governed by international standards - ISO 140 and ISO 3382 - which require the construction industry to obtain reliable results by certain methods. To meet these standards the results must have been produced by an omnidirectional sound source radiating noise evenly in all directions. Bruel and Kjaer provides a complete system for the accurate measurement of building acoustics, which includes two omnidirectional sound source speakers, an amplifier and the improved Standard Tapping machine.

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