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Lower Chloramines And Lower Costs For Pool Operator


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Switch to UV Treatment Transforms Californian Pool

Since installing a Hanovia UV water treatment system, Arcata Community Pool in California, USA has seen a significant reduction in chloramines*. Chlorine costs have also been significantly reduced. Designed by Hanovia Ltd, the UV system was installed by PurAqua Products, Inc, Hanovia's US distributor.

'Before switching to UV we faced chloramine levels as high as 1ppm,' said Pool Manager Aaron Maple. 'Following the changeover, and after a two-week test period, levels fell to between 0.1 – 0.2 ppm. This is a significant reduction and our visitors have certainly noticed – particularly elderly and pre-natal swimmers, who seem to be more sensitive to water quality.'

Chloramines are formed by the reaction of chlorine in the water with organic substances – such as sweat and urine – introduced by bathers. They are a major problem in modern high-load indoor recreation pools, most of which are not effectively ventilated. The chloramines linger in the air and cause eye and respiratory irritations.

UV in pools is primarily used for chloramine reduction, but an additional benefit is a decreased reliance on chlorine for disinfection, as UV is itself a powerful disinfectant. 'We've noticed at least a 30% reduction in chlorine consumption since turning to UV. This means less reliance on chemicals and lower running costs, which can only be a good thing,' added Mr Maple.

When asked why he chose Hanovia, Mr Maple said, 'I did a lot of research on the subject beforehand. PurAqua, with its state-of-the-art Hanovia equipment, was the leader in the field, so I approached them. The company was very professional – from the initial sales contact through to the start-up sequence and post-installation support. The system was also quick to install and get up and running with no confusion. UV is a harmless, non-toxic, low maintenance technology that is proving highly effective in treating the water for optimum health quality. I have no hesitation in recommending it for new or old, indoor or outdoor pools.'

Commenting on the Hanovia UV systems, John Psaroudis of PurAqua said, 'We chose to offer Hanovia's medium pressure UV systems to our customers after carrying out extensive evaluations of their performance in a number of markets. They proved to be highly effective. In addition, by utilizing an automatic wiping system which keeps the optical components free from deposits, they save the operator a lot of cleaning time.'

* Also known as combined chlorine

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