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LR Shredding System Released


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This simple shredding plant can be permanently installed or it can be used in a Transportable configuration.

It is the ideal starter kit for a new shredding operation or it is a valuable tool for an established shredding operation which wants tprocess shreddable scrap steel in an area with limited amounts of suitable raw material. The LR 6060, LR 6080 and the LR 6096 SXS can operate successfully with a very minimum of investment (as low as $2,000,000) at 10 tons per hour. There are a number of options that can increase production tas much as 60 tons per hour. This allows the operator/investor tchoose the exactly correct equipment configuration that will provide the greatest return on your investment.

The Basic Design

  • Simple feed chute
  • Single powerful feed roller (twvariable speed 40 HP drive units)
  • In Transportable Configuration it is a top discharge shredder
  • In the Permanent Configuration, it can be a top discharge or a top and bottom discharge.
  • Proven 60 inch (1.5 meter) diameter hammer swing
  • Wide 96 inch (2.4 meter) wide internal clearance in side of the shredder which allows shredding of complete automobiles
  • Proven Disc 9 disc rotor
  • Discharge Vibrator tfeed 60 inch wide Magnet
  • 48 inch wide stacking conveyor for shredded steel
  • 24 inch wide stacking conveyor for waste and non ferrous metals

All of the above equipment is mounted on a single frame that sits flat on the ground or on a simple concrete slab.
All of the following equipment is tbe installed either on trailers (one enclosed van and one open flat trailer) if the Transportable Configuration is chosen or in a building if a Permanent Configuration is chosen.

  • Motor Control Center (MCC), it includes the electrical switch gear and motor controls for every electrical motor in the installation.
  • Smart Shredding System (SSS)
  • Smart Water System (SWS)
  • 100 HP hydraulic power unit for feed roller, reject door and maintenance (pin puller, midsection opening device)
  • Control cabin for operator (can be operated from ground or on trailer in transportable configuration).
  • Main motor sizes from 500 HP t2000 HP
  • Capacity expressed in tons per hour of finished shredded steel product.
  • This will vary depending on main drive horsepower, which can be diesel engine or electric motor
  • LR 6060
    • 500 HP 5 t15 TPH
    • 800 HP 8 t24 TPH
  • LR 6080
    • 800 HP 5 t15 TPH
    • 1000 HP 10 t30 TPH
    • 1500 HP 15 t45 TPH
  • LR 6096
    • 1000 HP 10 t30 TPH
    • 1500 HP 15 t45 TPH
    • 2000 HP 20 t60 TPH

The tons per hour will alsvary according tthe type of material being shredded and the amount of non steel items, such as automobile seats, dirt and other types of waste material. The lower the shrinkage factor is, the higher the tons per hour that will be produced.

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