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LTR Products, Liberty Tire Recycling Demonstrate Eco-Friendly Benefits of Mulch Made From Recycled Rubber during Greenbuild 2010


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Pinnacle Rubber Mulch Offers Building Professionals a Sustainable Alternative to Wood Mulch

PITTSBURGH - LTR Products, a subsidiary of Liberty Tire Recycling, will demonstrate the eco-friendly benefits of its Pinnacle Rubber Mulch to thousands of building professionals during the Greenbuild® International Conference and Expo (November 17-19, 2010), which is being held in the McCormick Place West Convention Center in Chicago.  The company is exhibiting with its parent company, Liberty Tire Recycling, the premier provider of tire recycling services in North America.  

'The demand for sustainable building product alternatives has spread beyond the four walls,' said Brad Pittam, general manager of LTR Products.  'It has also permeated the landscaping, which is an integral part of a building's design and plays an important part in the sustainability of a project.  Pinnacle Rubber Mulch helps fill the need for a landscaping product that is better for our environment, while also offering aesthetics and performance.'  

In addition to its sustainable attributes, Pinnacle Rubber Mulch offers building professionals an attractive, durable alternative to traditional wood mulch that can save money over time.  Compared with the expense of annually applying wood mulch, the up-front purchase of rubber mulch actually costs up to 65 percent less over a nominal five-year period.  Rubber mulch is non allergenic, non toxic and harmless to plants, pets and children.  It is also clean, minimizes airborne dust and particles, and does not splinter like wood mulch.  As a playground safety surfacing, a six-inch layer of Pinnacle Rubber Mulch will cushion a child's fall from as high as 16 feet.

'When tires collected by Liberty Tire Recycling are converted and recycled into products like Pinnacle Rubber Mulch, it means we are working to conserve our natural resources and create solutions that positively impact our environment,' added Jeffrey Kendall, CEO of Liberty Tire Recycling. 'Millions of tires that may have otherwise ended up in a landfill are returned to the market, and millions of trees are saved from the shredder.  Liberty Tire Recycling is proud to use recycled rubber to develop Pinnacle Rubber Mulch and other innovative products that make people's lives better and safer.'

Liberty Tire reclaims more than 110 million tires annually throughout the U.S. and Canada, creating about 1.5 billion pounds of recycled rubber for smart, sustainable products including rubberized asphalt, rubber mulch and synthetic athletic fields.

Presented by the U.S. Green Building Council, the annual Greenbuild Conference & Expo provides an opportunity for building professionals to learn about the latest innovations, explore new products and exchange ideas.  Greenbuild is the world's largest green building conference and represents all sectors of the green building movement. This year, the show will draw 40,000 expected attendees and nearly 2,000 exhibit booths, including LTR Products and Liberty Tire Recycling at Booth # L505, located in the 500 mile pavilion.

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