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Lufft announces new weather sensors WS510- and WS700-UMB


Source: G. Lufft Mess- und Regeltechnik GmbH

October, 2014 -- At the end of this year, the German measurement and control technology company Lufft launches two new smart weather sensors on the market.

Thereby, Lufft enhances its portfolio and completes the WS-family with the sensors WS510-UMB and WS700-UMB.
With the development of the new measurement sensors, Lufft penetrates into the solar market and responds to the needs of its clients worldwide


With the WS700-UMB, Lufft combines the measurement of rain and global radiation in one weather sensor for the first time. Therefore, a further rain or radiation sensor is unnecessary. Moreover, the weather sensor calculates measured values as air pressure, temperature, relative humidity, wind speed, wind direction and precipitation (per doppler radar). The measurement of global radiation is effected by means of a further attached silicon-pyranometer. The soon launched weather sensor is an extension of the WS600-UMB and therefore provides the full meteorological range.


The weather sensors WS501-UMB, WS502-UMB, WS503-UMB and WS504-UMB measure environmental data such as air temperature, relative humidity, air pressure, wind speed and wind direction as well as global radiation. Different quality levels of the attached pyranometers differentiate between the sensors. The WS501-UMB is equipped with the thermopile-pyranometer CMP3 made by Kipp & Zonen, the WS502-UMB measures radiation by means of a silicon-pyranometer. The WS503-UMB has a tiltable CMP3 sensor made by Kipp & Zonen, whereas the movable radiometer is based on silicone.

For the first time, Lufft provides an All-in-One sensor with a global radiation sensor, which corresponds to the „Secondary Standard“ according to ISO-9060. The development was conducted in collaboration with Kipp & Zonen and was verified by Kipp & Zonen as well. The sensor unit is based on the new CMP10. The global radiation sensor is low-maintenance and usable for ten years. A special drier avoids the development of humidity inside the device. In future, the WS510-UMB will especially play a major role in the solar industry. In fact, it is imaginable that the WS510-UMB is used for the construction of solar parks as well as monitoring of photovoltaic installation.

At the Meteorological Technology World Expo (21.10. until 23.10.2014) in Brussels Lufft (Stand 2110) will present the first prototype.

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