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Lufft Compact weather sensor with Secondary Standard to revolutionize PV-Monitoring

New smart weather sensor WS510-UMB

Stuttgart, Germany -- As of now the Compact weather sensor from Lufft WS510-UMB, equipped with a Kipp & Zonen pyranometer of the secondary standards, unites the precision of a variety of meteorological individual sensors in a single all-in-one device for the first time. The sensor is simply installed with only one cable, this means a measurable lower effort of installation and maintenance as well as significantly reduced costs. All measured values are communicated via a single digital interface and adjustable data logs to the data logger or SCADA system.

With the predecessors of the WS510-UMB large projects have already been implemented worldwide. For example, in the Imperial Valley in Southern California the compact weather sensors WS500-UMB and WS503-UMB are used to monitor a large PV system. In order to offer solar customers even more Lufft developed the WS510-UMB.?In the monitoring of large photovoltaic (Utility Scale) or in assessing potential sites (Solar-assessment) finally counts the maximum of energy which can be generated. Of course this depends on the locally dominant solar radiation (global radiation) in the first place. But other meteorological parameters such as air temperature, wind and rainfall influence on the yield and efficiency of the PV modules (Performance Ratio). To monitor this, Lufft now offers the WS510-UMB as the perfect sensor for photovoltaic monitoring. This sensor meets the high demands of the world meteorological organization (WMO) through the active valving at air temperature measurement and the inertia- and maintenance-free measurement of wind speed and wind direction on the ultrasonic principle. By using an external module, temperature sensors or a precipitation sensor can be connected in addition.

'A photovoltaic system is only as strong as its weakest link,' says Udo Kronmüller, the solar expert at Lufft. Therefore, it makes sense for large systems, to demand the highest standards for the measurement of global radiation, to solve the problem when it comes to lower yields due to errors or defects. So far, the Second Class thermopile pyranometer CMP3 Kipp & Zonen were installed at the WS family. In the new WS510-UMB, a compact weather sensor of the Secondary Standard CMP10 pyranometer by Kipp & Zonen was integrated for the first time, which works extremely precise, low-maintenance and high durability. The combination of different sensors in one unit is resulting in extremely reduced installation and maintenance costs than individual sensors. The weather sensor requires only a single cable for connection. Therefore, complex cable assemblies, custom cabinets and adaptation of communication interfaces are unnecessary.

The WS510-UMB is like the other weather sensors from Lufft equipped with an RS485 interface and transmits the data in various open communication protocols (e.g. Mod-Bus). Thus, the implementation is very easy into the monitoring systems on the market.?In summary, the WS510-UMB is particularly convenient in installation and reliable to use. It is ideal for large solar installations. But his other family members have also much to offer. On Lufft.com the entire product portfolio can be found.

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